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Largest Facility in Northern Alberta

Blastaway's facility is simply stunning, allowing us to do more work more efficient and best of all with industry leading technologies. Providing the highest quality results everytime.

Mailing Address:

722080 Rge Rd 53

Grande Prairie, AB

T8X 4J5

Blastaway's Water Recycling Treatment System

Blastaway Enterprises uses a state of the art water recycling/treatment equipment from Oiltrap for use in our wash facility. OilTrap can successfully remove contaminants such as oil & grease, heavy metals, suspended solids and much more from our wash water.  

Blastaway's Paint Booth

Blastaway Enterprises hosts a Global Finishing solutions 90ft x 25ft x 25ft Side Downdraft paintbooth, making the booth one of the largest paint booths in Northern Alberta. The side downdraft booth has air being drawn into the booth through a full-length, filtered ceiling plenum, and flows downward over our customers product. When air reaches the floor, it is pulled into floor level filtered exhaust plenums on either side of the booth, resulting a superior quality finish in the most efficient manner.


Our Global Finishing Solutions paint booth meets or exceeds all of the applicable codes and standards related to the industry that we work in. Ensuring our employees are kept safe.


Here at Blastaway, we're proud to host some of the best technological advancements in the industry. Let our paint booth do the talking, come check us out today! 




Blastaway's Blast Booth

Blastaway Enterprises houses a 60ft x 25ft x 25ft air blast room, having the operator(s) inside the room during the blasting process. The operators have variety of blasting nozzles available during the blast process so all surfaces are prepared in the most efficient manner as possible.

Our Wheelabrador system is equipped with filtered dust collectors that control the emission of pollutants into the air. This system also allows for the reclamation of blasting medium. Inturn reducing our impact on resources and the environment.


The blast operators dawn a protective suit along with a helmet to protect themselves from abrasive impact and be supplied with fresh air for proper ventilation.

Blastaway's Wash Bay

Blastaway is equipped with a state of the art water recycling/treatment equipment in our wash facility. We successfully remove contaminants such as oils, grease, heavy metals, suspended solids and much more from our wash water. 


We can give your equipment a thorough cleaning and remove all exterior dirt, grime and loose paint with our industrial pressure washers.



Blastaway's Detail Bay

Blastaway is happy to provide detailing services for all makes and models. We understand that keeping your vehicle or equipment in pristine condition is important to you in order to maintain its value. We'd like to make that process simple and convenient for you! 

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