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Concerned about your sale price? Frustrated you won't get the price you want? Stressed about LOSING MONEY?!


Your not alone! Every Auction has winners and losers. Especially during times like these, low oil prices have created so much uncertainity. Don't lose with this coming auction. Getting a higher sales price is obviously important, nobody wants to lose money when selling off their equipment!


How do you achieve a higher sales price? How do you retain value on your equipment? Not just for your pocketbook but for your well being. 




Nothing will add more attention like adding value to the look of your equipment specifically. The key here is buyer Demographics. Who is your target buyer? 


Adding value is your best weapon as a seller! Don't let your demographic of buyers change to the vultures waiting to grab your equipment. Instead, change your demographic of buyers. High growing, fast changing companies!!


These companies are in every city, every province, and EVERY COUNTRY! Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers now has a wide market of buyers in every part of the world. If you don't know your target buyer, chances are you will sell for less.


Just think, a high growth company in India can bid on your equipment while sipping on a coffee in their office! These companies are growing FAST and need quality equipment NOW!


All other countries aside, despite low oil prices and poor GDP numbers. High growth companies are still here, and looking to stomp out there competition. 


Then, you have your vulture buyers. We could call them smart buyers due to the fact that some make money and help their company continue growing. The main difference? A high growth firm doesn't want to fix or refurbish a unit. They want it ready to make money NOW! Every dollar lost per quarter in down time is expotentially damaging to these companies. They don't want to repaint and pump money into anything. They want more revenue, and yesterday. Fixing equipment is time they DON'T HAVE.




The majority of sellers in this market are much different then years past. Most of them don't want to add any value to anything, period. And who's to blame them? Over extended and over leveraged companies don't have many options. In some instances they've collectively accepted the possiblity of losing MILLIONS.


If other sellers aren't spending much money, but you repaint and refurbish your equipment it will STAND OUT particularly ONLINE to thousands of high quality buyers. Making your equipment turn key, making it easy for your buyer will change your demographic buyer and save you potentially TENS OF THOUSANDS.


Doesn't matter if you're a small time farmer with only a few pieces going into the auction or a mid size company looking to lean up going into these uncertain times. Regarless of circumstance, retain your value and recieve a great ROI on your cost of refurbishing.




Listed WITHOUT a Blastaway Paint Job

$40,000.00 CAD Sales Price












Listed WITH a Blastaway Paint Job!

$55,000.00 CAD Sales Price












***This seller got a 37.5% higher price then his competitive counterpart. Yes, it did cost some funds to do so. But the seller received not only the full cost of the refurb back, he also receieved an ADDITIONAL 93% back.***


Now to end on one last point, of course every auction has many different factors. What's the economy doing? What's the state of my equipment? Many factors that can change results. 


And, of course this is an article for Blastaway so of course we will recommend to refurbish your equipment and to have us paint. But above all, we want our customers and sellers on the up coming auction to be SUCCESSFUL!


We want them to sell at a great price! So that when the time comes again to sell, they will use us again. 




Here at Blastaway, we work hand in hand with Ritchie Bros. Representitives to ensure your equipment is ready and done right! No other paint shop does this. 


We are on location at every auction, watching the results of every auction. No other paint shop does this. 


Putting your information below allows us to start working hand in hand with you or your company. We want to be your Preferred Partner. No other paint shop does this!


If you currently have equipment in the next coming auction. Let us know and we can work with you and your Ritchie Bros. Representitive.


Let us help you not only retain value but grow!




Kind Regards,





Colby Dietz, General Manager of Blastaway


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