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Our Best "Befores & Afters"


We welcome you to our best "befores and afters page". Our hope is to show you that especially in this industry, you really do get what you pay for! 



Welcome to "Rig 67", this unit was risen back from the dead. But, it wasn't easy. Took over 350 man hours and over 100 Gallons of two part epoxy coatings. 

Very few painting facilities can even handle these massive rigs. With our 90 foot long paint booth, we still had space to spare! 

This isn't a before and after but it does prove a good point. Two completely different units, with two completely different auction results. Not only did this seller at a Ritchie Brothers auction recover his entire cost of painting. He a made 93% return on top of that!

Trailers can take a beating and this trailer clearly showed that. With some custom coatings and new rims, it looked like a completely different trailer when it was all said and done. 

The largest Cat to come through our facility this summer. Surprisingly, close to 50 gallons of paint on this Caterpillar D10!

Acid Washing is trickier then people think. All too often, streaks, missed spots and damage can occur (Yes, Damage!). 


Take a look at this trailer, not only did we acid wash at a great rate but we removed and installed Decals too. 


Best part, no issues! 

Every Job going through our facility goes through a Complete Quality Control Inspection Process. Every step through the job which includes sandblasting, prepping and painting has quality controls in place to provide you with the best finish everytime!

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